Although I had seen jellyfish many times in my life it was not until a day in October 2016 that I saw them with new eyes and realized their complexity, beauty and terrifying deadliness.  

From minute translucent discs to huge bell like pulsating parachutes with long tentacles they float throughout every ocean.  The variety of size and shape is matched by the extreme range of colours from colourless to dowdy browns to bright blues, fluorescent reds through to a wide range of phosphorescent colours.  

All are beautiful in their own way but that beauty masks the more sinister side of these silent ocean denizens.

Evolved over 700 million years they have developed into sophisticated killers that use a combination of electrical driven contractions, poisons, stings and concentrated chemicals to ensnare, paralyze their prey.

This work demonstrates my fascination for these weightless sea umbrellas, embodies all of their beauty, variety and sophistication.

Constructed from silicone they can be displayed just about anywhere, indoors or outside. 

In the dark phosphorescent series become clear and one can imagine how they look deep in the ocean. 

I offer them at prices which reflect the complexity of their design, the materials used, their size and the quantity ordered.  They can, of course, be ordered individually.

For more information you can contact me here.

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